Case 2 – Integration In Cultural M & A

How do you capture synergies faster in acquisition processes?

A German global company, specialized in chemical products, with € 6.6 billion in revenues, acquired a Brazilian petrochemical company in 2007, being this movement its larger international acquisition so far. This acquisition guaranteed the group a privileged position in the global synthetic rubber market.

Acquisition project leaders, who were responsible for the integration of the Brazilian company into the global organization, had huge challenges to overcome right after the announcement to the actuisition international financial market.
It was necessary to quickly identify the competency levels of the senior executives, and most specifically their capacity to integrate internationally. Strategic decisions were expected to be taken by the restructured and integrated Brazilian leadership team. The concern for a smooth cultural integration between the two companies demanded a consistent approach and a strong communication program.

The overall process took only two weeks, including the assessment and recommendations for 23 senior executives who participated in the project.

“The consultants’ fast and high quality evaluations and recommendations were amazing. Very important decisions were made on time, based on the thorough analysis, allowing the company to capture operational and sales synergies earlier than expected” – said the new CEO of the Brazilian unit.

“We are very satisfied with the international quality of the work done. Especially with the way the project was managed, with no disruption and with deep respect for the participants” – added the Global HR Director of the acquiring company.
Project results helped build a new leadership team for the Brazilian operation, bringing executives with high growth potential and adaptability skills to the spot light, as well as providing a career plan for all executives, including international exchange opportunities.

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